Home Remedies – Key To Healthy Living

Home Remedies – Key To Healthy Living

There are quite a lot of home remedies for healthy living. You don’t need to spend so much visiting various hospitals and doctors; probably, for checkups and treatments in a bid to enjoy a healthy life. More so, chances are that you’ve used some home remedies at one time or the other. Yea, those herbal teas you do buy for certain treatments. The essential oils you’ve got for acne treatment, etc., all of those (and more) are all “Home Remedies.”

What Are Home Remedies?

Simply put, home remedies are traditional medications and/or treatments people take without medics’ prescription or supervision. They are often available as oils or supplements and typically prepared using herbs, vegetables, specific spices, and other natural leaves or roots.

Interestingly, most home remedies have scientific backing to their effectiveness for treating most common ailments many people go through. The secret to healthy living is not solely dependent on placebos. But they play a vital role, and that’s what we’d be explaining in this article, today.


Are Home Remedies The Key To Healthy Living?

Not everyone is buoyant enough to afford most clinical drugs they need to keep their body organs/system working fine as expected. Also, it is not always easy to navigate through the crowd in a clinic or hospital just to meet the doctor; to prescribe drugs for the uneasiness you feel in a/some parts of your body- or recommend the exercises you could do to free up your muscles and keep fit.

In contrast, home remedies are easy to access and/or learn (as the case may be). They are equally affordable – cheaper than the drugs your doctor may prescribe for your situation. For example, studies have proved that curcumin, a nutrient found in Turmeric, is effective for treating pain and inflammation.

Particularly, a study showed that about 500mg of curcumin can drastically reduce arthritis pain – as confessed by patients used for the study.

Note, turmeric is a home remedy medication with scientific proofs that back its efficacy in treating pains and inflammation. There are quite other home remedy medications with scientific backing to their efficacy and safeness for human consumption.

However, you may still want to know the home remedies that promote healthy living. Thus, we have carefully outlined the few home remedy medications and practices you can engage with, to keep fit and stay healthy for the rest of your life.

What Are The Home Remedies For Healthy Living

Below are some home remedies that would surely improve your health and relieve you from lots of paints or discomforts.

1. Yoga Exercises

Yoga exercises aren’t just exercises, but they are practices that help you to heal from different mental and physical injuries. These exercises are such you can do right in the comfort of your home (following online guides), or you can register for sessions in notable Yoga centers.

There are various types of Yoga exercises, which sees you through several poses (from the simple ones to the tougher ones). Practicing Yoga is a home remedy to discomforts and injuries. More so, this exercise, while relieving you from pains, also improves your physical and mental well-being, as well as help you to learn how to focus in different situations.

2. Essential Oils

Basically, essential oils are for skin treatment – but, some of them also work for hair treatment, making your hair grow thicker and fuller. However, the actual truth remains that essential oils work for various purposes, especially when mixed with other ingredients, herbs, fruits, or veggies.

Essential oils are extracts from plants that retain the plant’s natural scent (“essence”). Orange, lemon, peppermint, and myrrh are some of the fruits/plants from which essential oils are made from. Depending on the source and formula, essential oils are made for different purposes.

That said, there are many types of essential oils, with each serving for specific purposes. An essential oil meant for skincare won’t definitely work for pain relief. Yes, there are essential oils for pain relief – they are also odorless and safe to use.

With the help of essential oils, you can rejuvenate your dry skin, dead skin, and treat quite a lot of skin infections. They also act as anti-aging serums for both men and women of all ages.

3. Mints

Mints are also among the home remedy medications to treat various health issues, and just like essential oils, there are many types of mints. Particularly, wintergreen mint is scientifically proven to contain methyl salicylate, a compound that can help to relieve one from joint and muscle pains.

Methyl salicylate works similarly to capsaicin. Its presence in wintergreen mint is the reason why this type of mint is recommendable as the home remedy for treating joint and muscle pains. Peppermint also contains a bunch of medicinal compounds that can help with various medical situations, including Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) symptoms.

4. Herbal Teas

You’ve probably had this, right? Well, herbal teas help with so many health challenges one may face. There are various types of herbal tea; some are meant to boost fertility, relieve you from stress and anxiety, or for other purposes.

Typically, herbal teas are made from fruits, herbs, seeds, and roots. They contain lower antioxidants than other types of teas, including green, black, or white teas.

5. Milk and Yogurt Blend

This home remedy is for combatting acidity and indigestion – milk, in the blend, is a perfect antidote for acidity. However, you should sip the mix and not gulp. Also, while milk is a natural antacid, thanks to the high concentration of calcium salts, Yogurt is also very important for regulating acidity.


So, are home remedies key to healthy living? Yes, home remedies will help improve your health while cutting down on medical costs. There are quite many home remedy solutions recommended for various health and health-related situations. These few shared above are generally recommended for everyone.

However, it’d be a great idea to visit your doctor once in a while for health advice and consultations. While home remedies can keep you fit and going, you also need timely, professional advice from doctors.


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