Top 8 Simple Home Remedies for Dry Eyes

Top 8 Simple Home Remedies for Dry Eyes

These days, a lot of people are beginning to prefer home remedy solutions to cure different
ailments, diseases, and sicknesses. This rise in popularity of home remedies is
not unconnected to the fact that home remedy solutions have no side effects,
and in most cases, they work faster. Here, we are going to revise the simple
home remedies for dry eyes.

Dry eye is a disease caused when tears don’t moisture your eye adequately as needed. It can cause you to feel pains and very uncomfortable. Causes of dry eyes include your environment, aging, allergies, contact, and other medical factors. Below are some symptoms of the disease and how you can treat dry eyes using natural solutions.

Dry Eyes Symptoms

l  You always feel a dry, scratchy, and painful sensation in both eyes

l  Reddish eyes

l  Fatigued eyes

l  You feel or notice there’s mucus in or around your eyes

l  Blurred vision (inability to see clearly as before)

However, the good thing is that you can actually treat dry eye disease or its symptoms without visiting the hospital. Nevertheless, when these home remedies seem not to be working, it is advisable to see your doctor and get his/her recommendations.

Simple Home Remedies For Dry Eyes

1. Stay Hydrated

A lot of people still don’t get the point that they actually need to drink much more water in a day. The truth remains that every part of the body needs water to stay healthy and moist. Dry skin, dry eyes, and a couple of other diseases can be linked to water deficiency in the body.

That said, if you’ve not been taking much water prior, it’s time to start drinking lots of it to stay hydrated always. Also, it is important to say you must not wait until you’re thirsty before you drink water. In fact, the moment you start feeling thirsty, it may mean that you’re already slightly dehydrated.

A common way to know that you’re hydrated is your urine color. When your body has enough water as need, your urine is either colorless or light yellow.

2. Change Your Environment

If you started noticing the symptoms after moving to a new environment, maybe you should consider moving out to another location. Some environmental activities can cause dry eyes; these factors can include smoke from cigarettes, wind particles that entered your eyes, and quite other ones.

To stay safe in any environment, it is advisable to always put on eyewear (eyeglasses), especially while biking, skiing, or engaging in any other similar activity. Furthermore, you may consider having an air humidifier in your home to add moisture to the air you breathe. Other ways to protect yourself include staying indoors when it’s windy outside and avoid inhaling smoke.

3. Use Ointments and Drops

You can try eye drops or artificial tears, they are nonprescription products that could help to treat dry eyes or stop the symptoms. However, using eye drops or can only serve as a temporary relief. More so, some of these products have preservatives contained in them. Regardless, ointments offer longer-lasting relief than natural eye drops. If you’re allergic to eye drops that contain a preservative, then you should consider preservative-free ones. Furthermore, if you’d be going for ointment, it is advisable to use it when you’re about to sleep because ointments could impair your vision.

4. Get a Humidifier For Your Home

Humidifiers help to purify the air you breathe while adding moisture to the atmosphere. Using air humidifiers can help to checkmate the symptoms of dry eyes and also can help you get healed of the disease (if you’re already suffering from it). However, standard air humidifiers are pretty expensive; so, you may want to consider some DIY techniques to purify and add moisture to the air you breathe while inside your house.

5. Wash Your Eyelids and Lashes

It may not sound so good to you, but washing your eyelids and lashes can stop most dry eye symptoms. Not everyone cleans their eyelid when they shower; regardless, your lid needs to be clean, else you may continuous itchy sensation that’d cause you to continuously scratch your eyes. Cleaning your eyelids and lashes is not something you can achieve alone, you will need a helping hand – a specialist.

6. Add Fatty Acids To Your Diets

According to research by the US NIH department, consuming more omega-3 fatty acids can relieve one from quite various symptoms of dry eyes syndrome. Omega-3 fat reduces inflammation; thus, it is shown in the research that consuming this nutrient can help reduce eye inflammation, therefore allowing more tear production, which in turn relieves you from dry eye issues.

Fatty acids can be found in the following foods / omega-3 supplements:

l  Ground flaxseed and flaxseed oil

l  Fatty fishes like salmon and tuna

l  Chia seeds

l  Fish oil supplements

l  Walnuts

l  Palm and soybean oil

7. Stop Smoking

It may be so unfortunate that you need to quit smoking to heal from dry eyes. If you have tried other home remedy solutions and none worked out, then quit smoking. Cigarettes have over 7,000 chemicals that are quite harmful to the eye. Incessant smoking can cause dry eye symptoms, and stopping the act can relieve you from those symptoms.

8. Wear Wraparound Glasses

You can get some pairs of wraparound glasses and use them to protect your eye when going out, especially when it’s windy or when you’re riding on a bike.  Wraparound glasses are available in many stores, both online and offline. While you use wraparound glasses to protect your eye while in the public, inside your home, avoid blowing air from air conditioners, hairdryers, and other equipment without putting on protective eyewear.


These are the most reliable and simple home remedies for dry eyes. However, if the symptoms persist after a while of using home remedy solutions, then you should visit a doctor to help you out. None of these remedies will have a side effect on you. 


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