What To Wear For Yoga? Try These Professionally Vetted Clothes & Gears

What To Wear For Yoga? Try These Professionally Vetted Clothes & Gears

So, it’s going to be your first day in a Yoga session and you’re pretty confused about what to wear? Or maybe you’ve been to several Yoga classes, but you just think that you’re wearing good “Yoga dresses” and thus, you’d love to change your style? Well, whatever the case may be, here are some professional ideas on what to wear for Yoga class sessions.

Basically, you need a cloth that wouldn’t restrict your movements as you try different asanas and poses. The best clothes for Yoga are nonrestrictive clothes – if you have been engaging in exercises, there are chances that you already got suitable clothes for Yoga.

What To Wear For Yoga

While discussing the best clothes for Yoga, it would also be nice to consider what not to wear to Yoga classes. Yeah, every exercise has its dos and don’ts, Yoga is no exception. Firstly, we’d talk about the clothes you can wear to a Yoga class, afterward, we’d list clothes you shouldn’t wear.

1. Yoga Pants

Yes, there are “Yoga Pants,” and they are meant specifically for Yoga exercise. These pants are stylish, light, breathable, and provides ultra-comfort to both male and female Yoga practitioners. More so, wearing Yoga pants improves your confidence and keeps your spirit alive towards the exercise.

There are long Yoga pants, and there are short ones two. The pants should be snug and stretchy to allow free body movements. You can find these pants in most stores, both online and offline. The main aim is to make you comfortable.

2. Bikers or Sports Shorts

If you do not wish to have your entire legs covered, then you should consider wearing bikers or sports shorts to the class. Sports shorts are almost like Yoga pants; they are tight and stretchy, providing you with great easiness when you start practicing the asanas and different types of Yoga.

You may want to consider colors when choosing your sports shorts for Yoga. If you typically sweat so much while exercising, you may need to consider darker colors such as black or navy blue; these colors typically do not show moisture stamps like other colors.

3. Regular Shorts or Leggings

Well, probably, you’ve washed all your clothes and there seems to be none left for you to wear to a Yoga session – left for your regular shorts (or leggings). Yes, you can wear either the regular shorts left in your closet (for males especially) or wear leggings (for females). However, ensure that you’re not wearing light leggings that’s transparent.

On the other hand, if you’re going to wear your shorts, ensure that they are loos shorts and they won’t make you feel uncomfortable while stretching your body to try out different poses.

We’ve been talking about shorts/pants so far, let’s jump to what you should wear on top and the accessories you need.

4. Yoga Accessories

Still on what to wear for Yoga? Every exercise has its unique accessories – for Yoga, you need some gears to make the practice seamless and painless. Firstly, you need a headtie or headband to hold back your hair from dangling while you practicing – that could be a huge distraction.  

Also, a pair of Yoga gloves would be a great gear to accessorize yourself. Well, Yoga gloves aren’t that catchy, but they help a lot in protecting your palm and providing more support as you practice different Yoga asanas – your hands won’t slip on the map when you wear these gloves.

Coming along with a pair of Yoga socks would also be a great idea. Just as the gloves do, Yoga socks fortify your stability and prevent you from slipping when your feet must have been moisture. Furthermore, you need a towel to clean out sweat because you’re going to sweat profusely.

5. Swimsuits

Yay, swimsuits are a good Yoga outfit. If you are looking for the best clothes for Yoga, and you’ve got a swimsuit, that’s what you seek – wear it. However, if you don’t feel comfortable wearing a swimsuit, you can try out something else.

6. Tanktop

If you could find some tank tops in your closet, they are good for Yoga. Most Yoga poses are practiced by moving your hands; hence, you need a wear that would allow you to move your hands freely. Tank tops are being worn by many other Yoga practitioners. However, it shouldn’t be loose or oversized.

7. Sports Bra

What to wear for Yoga? For some types of Yoga, wearing a sports bra can be the best option to keep you cool. This especially applies to hot Yoga and Bikram. While females can wear sports bras, males can go shirtless for some specific types of Yoga exercise.

Note: sports bra is typically sorted out based on their impact levels. For Yoga practice, a low-impact sports bra would do.

What Not To Wear To Yoga

Some clothes may look good for Yoga, but they would make you feel uncomfortable in the long run. Yoga classes can be intensive, and as such, most regular clothes that may look good when you wear them to other exercise like yoga may not be suitable.Here’s a rundown of the dresses you should not wear to a Yoga class or sessions.

  • Regular bras (for women)
  • Loose shirts or polos (for men and women)
  • Sneakers shoes (for men and women)
  • Cotton or lacy underwear
  • Bikini tops (for men and women)

These clothes mentioned above may seem cute and sexy to wear to a Yoga class, but you need to avoid them because they’d possibly mar your training when things start getting intense.


So, what to wear for Yoga? The recommendations made on this post are vetted to be the best for Yoga practitioners, both beginners, and intermediates. Interestingly, you can purchase Yoga gears and wears from different stores irrespective of your location; they are pretty inexpensive.

However, you also take note of what not to wear to Yoga – it is very important that you avoid those clothes and gears to get the best of your training.


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